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Thank you for the kind replies.

The last few days have been incredibly intense for everyone in the house. As of yet there has been no discussion between the three of us about what may or may not happen. I've asked for a few days grace period before we have anymore discussion on the subject, before that happens. I need some time to reflect, and make sure I am making the best choices for my situation.

BigGuy and kdt26417: I realize that this is not likely to be an easy transition on anyone, and that my girlfriend ( I use that term because it is the easiest descriptor, although not truly correct) could make keeping any kind of relationships difficult or impossible. I accept that possibility even though it makes me sad to think about. Given distance, my relationship with my boyfriend could very well fizzle anyway. Those are maybes, and I know that things will end very badly if I don't make changes soon.

GalaGirl: While I definitely think that my girlfriend has some issues with depression; I have been told by many, many people that this is simply her personality. She needs to have a "role" to play in order to interact with other people, and she has a very poor grasp on interpersonal relationships of any sort. I would like her to get some help, but that is not something I can force her to do.
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