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Epic communication failure, I deserve a medal for this one. This happened last week.
Kip has been under the impression that I have not been sleeping with Prof since the 3way in August or whenever it was.
I have looked back over messages and things and see where it went wrong. Kip's DADT was don't ask cause you are not sleeping with him and don't tell cause there is nothing to tell.
How it has gone on this long is a total mystery. We have been trying to set up a couple swing and another 3way with Prof and one his occasional FBS.
He knows I see Prof, asks about him etc, knows he comes round here, the couple of times he did ask if we had sex, I honestly answered no, cause we hadn't. And was not giving any extra information about when we did have sex due to the DADT.
Let's just say I was stunned when Kip asked if I was looking forward to having sex with Prof since it has been such a long time. I said I wanted to continue a sexual relationship with Prof and Kip said that was fine by him. Would have been interesting conversation if he had said no.
So this explains all the kind of insecure questions, as Kip thinks Prof and I are restarting a sexual relationship. eek.
Wow. Just wow.
So first restart date tonight with Prof.
Me: mid 40s female
Mr Dom: late 40s. 6 months
Prof: 50s. 3 years.
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