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My sweetie has anemia which makes her arthritis really bad. Her anemia is caused by huge fibroids in her uterus. She is having a hysterectomy Christmas Eve which I am worried about. I hope the surgery goes well and not bleeding so much in the future will allow her body to heal and cause her less pain in the future.

My therapist hasn't suggested specific things to do to find dates. I have tried okcupid, fetlife, and craigslist. I don't get responses from the people I message. I have probably written over 50 messages to people just in the past few months and I am polite, articulate and thoughtful, not generic, so I suspect everyone can sense something about my depression between the lines or something.

After the surgery I probably won't be looking much anymore because I will be taking care of my partner. I am trying to adjust to a life in which my sexuality is unwelcome and superfluous but I am having a hard time not being upset about it. I also feel badly that I am spending energy on this when my sweetie is going through everything that she is. I don't talk about it much with her because I know she knows and feels bad and misses it too, but talking doesn't help and just makes both of us feel worse.
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