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"What is going on here?"
Sounds like love.

"I hesitate to put *any* label on this."
Heh, that's why I did it for you.

"Is it best to just see what happens here?"
Oh I suppose. Not that you can't be proactive about things, but, no need to stop the relationship from developing naturally (sez I).

Other than the (moderate) long-distance factor, I think the three of you have come across a sweet deal with one another. My vote is to smile and enjoy the ride.

You mentioned that your hubby is rather traditional/conservative. Is he okay with the poly aspect of this situation? (If he is, that's one less thing, y'know?)

Do you think the three of you might move in together eventually? I probably shouldn't ask so early in the triad relationship, but I was curious.

What about your friends, will you tell them? Do you anticipate any repercussions if you do?

Ah, don't be too nervous. I think the emotional forecast is Sunny. Not that love isn't a risk; true love always is. But what shall we do? forgo love to avoid the risk? Nah; that's no good. If you love someone, love them for as long as you can, and set them free if/when they need it. No need to regret having loved and lost; it's a good decision on many levels.

What sort of reading/posting have you done here on so far? What's been the most helpful?

Rooting for you,
Kevin T.
Love means never having to say, "Put down that meat cleaver!"
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