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Default Why "Relationships"?~

How do you define love?~

A relationship in and of itself is not love to me.~

Love is a wonderful feeling to me that just happens, you can try to control it but by doing so you only end up with suffering, love does not require any thing, it asks for nothing in return including that the love given need not be returned, Jealousy is not love, Possessiveness is not love, Clingyness is not love, but Love can heal and Love can empower yourself but the moment you use that power to control other people it no longer is love it becomes a tool called "love" only in name.~

I have loved before and I love now, my love is eternal and my friendship is everlasting.~

A relationship is defined by those involved.~

I have many relationships and other things and feelings for all kinds of things.~

This is why I see myself as of a radically different mindset than many other people, because I feel no need to "define" things to "make things constant" or "stable" nor "control them" as some would.~

When I said before in other posts that I do not place "labels" on any thing, I meant it.~

Others say, "Why must we only have 1 relationship with 1 person?" well I ask, "Why we must have "relationships" and define them as such, why do we need to "define" "give constantness" "give stability" and "try to control" every thing?"~
Love yourself, you are beautiful!~ ^_^

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