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I agree with whoever said it really needed to be talked about on a personal level.

For me I've been with two men in the last 12 years. Maca and GG. GG hasn't been with anyone else at all. Maca and I have been with one other woman together and he's been with one other woman alone (both of those one time situations).

I already had an std before getting involved with either of them, they both are aware. It can't be cured and can be contracted. I take medication for it-and use many many precautions.
We have at this point agreed that we aren't any of us using protection (they are both fixed) with one another.

IF any of us were to be with another person we would use protection for ALL activities and we also would ensure that they knew the guys have been exposed to herpes (what I have) though they haven't either one ever shown signs of having it and I for certain DO have it.

Of course-the number of people out there who have herpes-and are married to partners who don't know it-is undoubtedly pretty high considering how many people are a-symptomatic (and yes you can spread it even if you don't have symptoms).

The REAL question is WHAT are YOU going to do to protect yourself and your partners?
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