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Originally Posted by YouAreHere View Post
In our if I ever saw it again). However, if P were hell-bent on dating someone like that, I'd certainly tell him what my impression was,
That is kind of what I was referring to both on here and on the 'first date' thread. I wonder what would make someone get involved with a person who is a hot mess, at least mentally... To give you some background, I once worked a season at a 'resort' (not glamorous at all) as a waitress, I had a terrific crush on a co-worker, he was about 10 years my senior so seemed very sophisticated and he was handsome. I had a feeling he knew I liked him too, there was quite a lot of flirtation, anyway, there was a girl from the town who worked the weekends, she was truly an emotional wreck, she had no sense of self, was abused and used to sleep with any of the blokes for trinkets, I think she was learning disabled too, she was pretty vulnerable.

One day I realised he was sleeping with her. I was sickened, not because I was jealous but because he knew she was vulnerable, he slept with her because she would do it, rather than because she liked him and that made him one of the long line of blokes just using this girl. It made me lose respect for him and I never looked at him again. He realised I turned off him, not to sure he realised why.

Anyway, I wonder with people going after the vulnerable or emotionally fragile, is it just to fulfil their own selfish needs? The desperation for a partner at all costs or what?

Why would someone wish to be with someone who simply isn't stable?

I should have raised my concerns about that girl but that was a really exploitative working environment they were unlikely to do anything anyway and I was pretty young at the time.
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