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So I skipped a Susan "crisis" a few weeks back. Susan and I were in a chat room with friends, and Daley joined. He thinks her heard me call her darlin' (I did) and lover (neither Susan nor I think that happened) and he rage quit. This caused Susan to panic. She neglected to inform him of her lifestyle. I warned her this is a merry-go-round.

As expected it's back. He asked her to be exclusive and she declined, but of course is in panic mode again. I've sort of reached my line in the sand on this. I've compromised a lot about only being Susan's bf in public around certain people and only displaying things subtly (online profile and want not), but I don't think I can compromise further.

Aside: On our profiles we have matched our quotes for over a year. She picks a song lyric and I find one from the same song. She asked me to stop because Daley is irritated by it. So I changed mine to "As you wish..."

I'm not sure my feelings on the whole thing. I'm disappointed she is choosing Daley's feelings over mine, but logically it makes sense. I'm sad for Daley as if she doesn't choose to disclose her lifestyle, she's going to hurt him badly. Personally, I'm more at peace. I have my line now. If she asks for more concessions, we'll see a lot less of each other. On the other hand, she's made it clear she has no interest in exclusivity and I'm a primary reason.

Anyway, I'm tired of worrying about it.
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