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Originally Posted by Natja View Post
She is back with HER boyfriend, just because she slated him doesn't mean he is a bad guy, you don't really know him so swearing about him is not a nice thing to do.

Besides, I thought after the night of talking it wasn't going to 'work out' was she less of a basket case when you thought she was single?
wow. ummm....

first of all, he is horrible. hes a bad influence, doesn't work, does drugs (hard drugs), and is constantly taking her to places that are dangerous or just full of drugs. its not healthy, and he treats her like shit. im pretty sure ive stated that even when they were together or broken up. and yes, I can swear because im frusterated, I highly doubt im the only one.

after that night, we were thinking it wasn't going to work out, then she gives us a little bit of hope that it could work out, but then this happens and its gone. it was a roller coaster ride that im getting the f off of.

so thanks for your constructive, caring and insightful reply.
ill try anything once, twice if I like it.