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Default Confident Persona After Being Insecure; is it Possible?

Hello lovely poly people!

I posted a thread here 6 weeks ago about comparing myself to one of my metamours. Fortunately, I've began to like myself more since then, so I no longer feel inferior to him.

Monday morning I admitted that I was feeling very insecure, because I thought that I said things that made me sound needy or desperate. I had only admitted insecurity "outright" once before, about 2 months prior. I was confident the first month of our relationship, down the second, slightly better the 3rd, still better the 4th, then I crumbled under feelings of insecurity this week.

Starting 4 weeks ago I finally started building up and developing a confident persona. I feel that I'm late on doing so, being 5 months into the relationship, but it did seem to be working . She seemed to be even more into me, and she was having more fun too!

Since admitting being insecure this Monday I've been so paranoid that I killed the NRE that was flowing between us. I've worried that she now has less respect for me, or will desire me less.

If I remain stable and act confidently, will she ever view me as a confident and assertive male? Is it possible?
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