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You may find this a traumatic event....However, with time, people will likely get "used" to it. If not, try not to make it a big deal for them. I.E. Don't talk about it or make a large fuss over it at different events where these people are. I know that my adopted parents would FLIP if I told them....and so I don't. But my biological mother, is more open and grounded when it comes to "differences", and doesn't really voice an opinion on things of this matter. When I introduce my wife, and my GF, I introduce my wife as "my wife", and my GF, simply as a very close friend. In more "open" circles, I introduce her as my GF, while my wife introcuces me as her husband and her BF as her BF to more "open" circles.

In my opinion, if it hurts, don't do it. So if it hurts or offends, don't tell them. They may question, but refer them to your wife. This way, they will know that she is open to it and not injured and you are not cheating.
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