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Originally Posted by EpsilonLyr View Post
Lol, that's awesome. Maybe she just needed time to absorb and think. Fast text replies can be a good sign, at least. Hope you're having a great time!
we would have had a better time with a sack of freaking potatoes!

I had a feeling when she texted back so soon that it was too good to be true. especially since she mentioned coming over last night and I didn't, I thought it would be a weekend thing. so that was weird.

about 615 she texted me saying "go a head and watch it without me, im so sleepy!" this is the 4th time shes said shes "so sleepy". come to find out, shes back with the fu^^ing boyfriend, and had been since the day they broke up. she never told us that till we had to blatantly ask her last night. I guess "its too easy to cave in"...freaking bs I tells ya.

so hubs and I ended it. we said that obviously shes got too much going on and we don't want to be a part of the back and forth, and the games. and obviously we weren't that important to her in the first place, like she made us believe we were. keeps saying "I love you guys" all the time to the point where we don't believe it.

we have to move on, otherwise, we will keep going through this stupid ass roller coaster that shes running. our hearts are not something to be messed about like a chew toy.
ill try anything once, twice if I like it.