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Originally Posted by scarletzinnia View Post
Oh, good lord, London. Just because we came up with a list of potential acceptable grounds for veto doesn't mean my husband is an idiot, or that I am.

It's very easy for people who are not in long-term relationships and don't have kids, to get in a froth about veto power. I reveal all our agreements to my potential partners, and anyone who has a problem with them is free to halt things right there. No one ever has.
I have children, I really don't like you implying that people who dislike vetoes just don't understand family responsibility.
I really do not see the point of having a veto against a person who might be on drugs or is a psycho...I mean, really, for realz? You expect your husband or yourself to get into a relationship with a crack addict and want to continue....that is a little bit sad that you don't trust each other NOT to do that that you even need a veto for it.

I don't know what London was saying but I don't get it.
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