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Default come out, come out wherever you are!!

ok, so i've recently (and traumatically) come out as "polyamorous" to friends and family. it's been a hard-arrived at ideological stance that has been traumatic and cost me horribly (i lost my lovely wife over it). i'm in a serious relationship at the moment, but we are both ideologically opposed to lifelong monogamy as an ideal.

i'm heterosexual but kind of feel like i'm a gay guy in the 1950s coming out - there's not really widely accepted terminology for what i am - one who believes that one can be intimate and in love with more than one person at a time without that intimacy/love necessarily being a betrayal of any other. no-one in my circle gets me at all. it's been painful and costly and i'm still reeling.

anyone else got any traumatic "coming out" stories that'd encourage me on??

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