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It's possible you may need/want to talk to Newbie personally at some point. I'd consider telling Secondary this and asking him to let you know if/when he's filled Newbie in on the nature of your major relationships. Then if/when you get word of that from him, ask him to give Newbie your contact info and to let her know you'd like to meet/greet her, as close to in-person as you can get.

Not sure of all the details of that advice yet, but the point is, talking to Newbie directly would be a way of "knowing" (as much as one can know) whether Secondary has told Newbie what you really needed him to tell her in order for you to stay in a romantic relationship with him.

Not even 100% sure you'd want/need to talk to Newbie yourself, but it's something to consider.

Hope all works out alright.
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