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Indie - I appreciate your comments. it does get me thinking about what I am ultimately looking for, and I like reading other perspectives. So, thanks!

Well, B didn't respond to my invitation out at all on Monday, and I got nothing but silence yesterday. This morning I sent him a short, hey, am I going to see you this week? Message. He knows I am going out of town on Sunday. We will see. That's the last message I will be sending him for a while.

My OKC inbox has been blowing up this week and I am actually feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the emails. I have at least two I will continue contact with for sure and go on a date with after Christmas, if they stick around. (I am booked this week, headed to NY the following week) Both are mono though.

I am in a good mood today because it's Wednesday, and that means M! So excited to kiss him and hug him and be with him. Unfortunately one of the chemistry classes I teach 3 times a week had to be rescheduled to this morning due to snow, so I have to put off seeing M until the afternoon. I am also hoping to go get a haircut before driving to pick him up. The anticipation I feel is just that much greater though. I am feeling very, very squee - a big shot of NRE for me today!

I am also feeling flutters about seeing A tomorrow night.
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