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I'm in a relationship with a married woman. Her other boyfriend and I live in the same house. She lives 3 miles away from us. In the month of March, I went on 4 dates with her. On one of those dates her husband and I were both with her. Looking back over the month, I feel like I didn't get to spend enough time with her. I feel like it is hard from me to build comfort and relax with her because I have to "perform". When I spend more time with her, I feel more relaxed.

Her other boyfriend, who is my roommate, hasn't been interested in "together" dates with her. I'm disappointed in that. All of the people involved know that I like group dates. So far, I've gone on more with her and her husband. I think that my roommate and I have had 3 nights with her where we watched a movie with her together. And I've been in this arrangement for 5 months.

There is one guy that wants to date her, and she is turning him down, but there is also one guy that I think she may date. She does like him, but she says that she is too busy, and she has one other reservation about him.

Honestly, I'm worried that I will get to see her even less if she takes on a 4th lover. To this point, I've encouraged her to date others if she wants to. I haven't been totally honest about my worries of spending less time with her.

I don't want to rock the boat. I've just gotten over a bout of insecurity. I don't feel like I should mention that I'd rather her not date anyone else because I don't want to share her "boyfriend time". I'm sure that the extra time will not come out of her husband's time with her.

Also, she is my only partner right now, so my only relationship fulfillment comes from her.
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