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DH needed to move his overnight from last to tonight. I was selfish and more concerned that I might have to raincheck my cam date with ldr guy rather than verbalizing the empathy I had for dh's raincheck. MG's daughter was having her baby.

I did have my cam date. We talked for over an hour. Ldr guy is dating a few ladies. He's actually at the movies with one right now. DH is with MG. She was here at our place today. Hehe dh washed the sheets - they had some fun.

Back to ldr guy. I let him know I'm ok with hearing about his dating prospects and he appears to be using the "your married" line back at me.. lol I keep telling him I'm poly first, whether married or not. I think he likes me.

I love that ldr guy is comfortable chattin with me on cam. He's so cute fumbling to get it to work right. Alas I know we'll have our brief time together in January and eventually he plans to go teach ESL in South America in April. I am just happy I met a person I can really communicate with. Meeting will be interesting.

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