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This ties in with a writing project I'm working on right now. It's about threesomes, and of course, "unicorn hunting," etc., is something I'm going to talk about, inspired by this discussion thread--THANK YOU EVERYONE!

If any of you would be willing to pm me about your particular experience being a woman who has dated or joined an already established couple (as a couple,) or you were a part of a couple who sought out a bisexual woman to join you, I'd really love to be able to quote you. I'm interested in explaining why the "couple seeking biwoman" fantasy is so hard to make a reality, and why it works when it works or doesn't when it doesn't....

I hope a couple of you will take a second to write me about your experience in your own words, or I'll ask you a few questions if you prefer. You will, of course, remain anonymous. I promise the piece is respectful, poly-friendly, and not (overly) salacious. Thanks again for the food for thought!
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