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Default Insurance?

Hi -

Long term poly here, 35.5 years with one partner (DP1) I am legally married to DP1 (same sex), and we are approaching 6 years with the second partner (DP2). I need to add DP2 onto our auto insurance policy, but am not quite sure how to list her. Friend? Roommate? Other?

DP1 and DP2 consider themselves sisters (although they are not related by blood). So, since I am married to DP1, DP2 could be considered my sister-in-law. But that is not legally their relationship, since they are not actually blood relatives, so I'm not sure it would be best to list her as that for an insurance policy.

"Friend" doesn't seem accurate, and 'roommate' doesn't even begin to approach the reality of the relationship.

Any advice? How have others dealt with this situation?

- Kes
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