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There is some stuff on this thread...

I don't think Poly people practice safer sex than mono people... at least not what I have seen and heard... I think the population as a whole doesn't practice as safe sex as they should... lets face it, it just isn't as fun to practice safe sex.

Actually I think I would hazard a guess that the non-fidelous kind of poly people who sleep with a variety of people practice it just as often as someone who is single or un-attached or cheating... maybe even less? I don't know, just a guess....

Sex under the guise of "love" brings down barriers sometimes, including condom barriers. I would actually trust someone more who doesn't put "love" into the context of their sex as they might be a bit more cautious... then again not as they are doing it for their own enjoyment and condoms just aren't as enjoyable to some.

When I worked with sex trade workers, I found that they were the population that practiced the most... I would trust them more than anyone.

As for more communication about safe sex in the poly community? I actually find that most people avoid it entirely. I know that people get tested fairly regularly, but I still am not convinced that people aren't giving blow jobs and going down on each other without protection etc. The swinging I did was not very comfortable for that reason and condoms didn't get changed up all that much... lots of double dipping.

I dunno, just talking off the top of my head really, how is anyone going to know. It's all so individual. It's all worth talking about with those that one is involved with.
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