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I like what Korindino had to say on it. emotional manipulators always feel the world owes them, and everything is the fault of everyone else. good riddance to bad rubbish, as they say. I am a firm believer, in the fact you can`t help those, who won`t help themselves.

By all accounts, your therapist sounds awesome. The advice has obviously helped you, and you seem to truly want to handle this in the best way possible.

Kudos to you, for staying strong, without playing games.

My only advice, is rather a small tidbit........ With everything you have said to your husband,...... Now it will take time, for him to see the other side of things. He will need to chew on this a bit, and reprogram his thinking. It might take a few weeks. Many times, however long it took to fall in love, it will take at least double that,... to fall out.

Stay on the same path, repeat how you feel, as often as neccessary. ....and be firm, yet don`t forget your compassionate side.

If a smart man, at some point the fog in his head will clear a bit, and one day he will be grateful, that you looked out for him, when he wasn`t strong enough to.

Best wishes.
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