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IM confusion.
Kip is coming across as not very ok with me seeing Prof, but apparently he is not jealous.
We talked a bit by phone too.
The whole IM chat was so weird and insecure sounding that I picked up the phone to get some clarity, but he was driving and it was hard to talk. He was asking about BDSM play, the amount of time that I saw Prof etc. He loves chatting about dates and the online dating but has pretty much been DADT about Prof for ages. We are planning another 3 way for New Year too, maybe that is what kicked this all off.
He says he is not jealous and does not get jealous. Now, I could be projecting, but I am in a good mood, feeling up, so not sure how I could be reading too much into it.
I said that I was not looking to replace him, the sex with him was not lacking in any way, dating Prof is better than dating monos who would most likely not be OK with me seeing a married man, open relationship or not.
I am wondering if it is his trip away.
Anyway, I am seeing him tomorrow, so maybe he will bring it up in person.
Should I bring it up? Is this a communication moment? My inclination is not too.

Prof might be popping round tonight, funny text , said he would like to watch an episode on tv, but too tired to play.
I have been forewarned, there is no sex on the schedule

Kip is asking about sex that isn't going to happen !
Me: mid 40s female.
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