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I am completely uninterested in what you think about what I think so trying to confront me about it is pointless. Following me around and trying to warn people about me is bordering on obsessive and rather tiresome.

I think that instead of chasing me around trying to protect others from the evil London Lady, you should concentrate on ensuring your own advice to the members of the forum is apt and appropriate. If it is, you needn't worry, the people asking questions will gravitate towards the person they feel understands them best. My type of advice is the type of advice people wish they listened to when everything has gone tits up. That's fine, I can live with that.

Trying to stop me expressing myself the way I choose to isn't your job. Moderators can and do reign me in where they feel necessary. It seems they agree that me posting my opinions in the way I do isn't breaching any rules of the forum, regardless of how likable a trait it is.

So by all means continue on your resentful and bitter tirade, if it gives you that warm, fuzzy glow that you are in fact helping someone, but know that it is going to be absolutely futile. My opinions are just that, mine, and you won't change them, so maybe it's best just to hit ignore.
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