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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post

I doubt that I ever again will let myself become involved with "lifestyle" poly as a result of my experiences again. Lifestyle poly seems to be more about transcribing mono ideals onto many relationships, not living with a poly philosophy of relationships and connections with others. Love of many. For real. Not the giddy NRE love, but lasting long term devotion to that love, offered to many but coming from the same place in my heart.

I am not willing to have other partners in the same way as most poly people do either. I find that poly people shift the monogamous rule book to suit more than one love relationship more often than not. There is really no need to define or describe what it is. Its mine and I share it with others that own and share their love also.
Thank you for sharing this.. It's something I've been thinking about SO much lately. Since I became more involved in the poly community in my country it is exactly that what I've been experiencing, and it feels so stifling and limiting. But I also understand that it makes people feel safe like monogamy makes people feel safe.
I've followed your journey as chronicled here, and think it's beautiful the way you are describing coming to full circle. Thank you.
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