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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
lol, what do lesbians know about being bi? :P

A lot of people subscribe to the "spectrum" view of sexuality, that everyone falls somewhere along the line between homosexual and heterosexual, with all the grey area in between being varying degrees of bisexual or pansexual.

I've previously proposed a similar metric for poly/mono. Some people are like "I absolutely have to be able to pursue any love interest I want" and are firmly poly. Others are like "when I'm dating someone, I don't even notice other people" and are firmly mono. But lots of people are able to relate both ways, depending on where they are in life, whom they're dating at the time, etc.

I identify as pansexual, meaning that gender has no influence on my attraction to people. I don't really care about sex (the activity), and bodies are just as cuddly no matter what's between your legs.

I also find that some people's sexual orientation differs from their romantic orientation. That is, they might be able to have romantic, "more than friends" relationships with one gender, but not sexual relationships. Gralson identifies as bisexual, but he's never dated a man romantically and expresses no desire to do so.

Likewise, some people are romantically mono but sexually poly. I enjoy making up words, so I've described those previously as "monoamorous" and "polysexual." Conversely, someone could also be polyamorous and monosexual. In all those cases, I think it would be important to distinguish between those being part of your identity, versus making agreements to uphold certain behaviours. For example, someone could agree not to have sex outside the relationship without identifying as monosexual.
Really loved this post. Ding, hit several chords for me.
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