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Default most folks live in closets


I feel-think it likely that there may well be endless lessons associated with closets and their escape. For one, its all a matter of degree, it seems. Most folks live in some closet or another, or several, to varying degrees of closetedness. The term entered popular vocabulary in reference to so-called "homosexuals", but there are clearly a lot of closets to choose from. Anyone who will likely experience social rejection for "coming out" has a closet to contend with. "Shall I stay or shall I go?" ... "In or out?"

Shortly after Stonewall, queers were admonished, "Out of the closets and into the streets!" It was queer invisibility which allowed the severe homophobia and heterosexism of the culture to persist without evaluation and investigation. Visibility would be the key to liberation.

I predict that the next big closet to be challenged is the poly- closet. Again, the key to liberation is visibility. Most poly folk are not terribly visible. For this reason, the monogamy expectation goes unevaluated and uninvestigated by the whole 'mainstream' culture.

But there are so many other ways we, most of us, choose to remain silent or invisible. They all have to do with the truth of who we are and whether we can expect to be treated with contempt or with kindness when we "come out".
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