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Um wow, I can be totally wide awake and the second I start typing or texting, the zzz's hit me. Not sure why my brain shuts off, maybe i stop breathing deeply, but it does.

LDR guy - what was i going to blog last night/early this morning about him? Oh yeah, I had contacted him first with a "I will be in your town MLKing Weekend". That's where I informed him I'd be asking him questions and he told me to please do so. The conversation continued with my curious questions as well as us telling each other sexual stories. We communicate great together.

So last Monday we cam'd on yahoo with each other. He was so cute, fumbling around, not sure what he was doing, and told me he's got his calendar marked off for that weekend in January. Kept trying to bribe me to stay at his place (has an extra room) so I could save money but my traveling companions would not appreciate it. Alas, I will meet him at a bar for drinks first, probably on Friday night but depends on my companions schedule for the weekend. At least I should know the schedule that week.

And did I state this last post, if so, sorry...ldr guy is willing to get a std/sti test to be with me without condoms. Although I had mine in July and dh just had his, I'm making an appointment this week to be tested again. And this time requesting I get a paper document with my results. I feel so weird saying I'm negative but no actual proof.

ldr guy at first was all, well I know I'm clean, just got out of a long term relationship and haven't been with any one yet. I still stated it would be condoms if he doesn't get tested. I really like thinking of that conversation with him or even any future potentials as the "business side of poly".

So SG and I have been texting and although he finds me attractive, I just didn't feel it the night we went out with our spouses. I like him, he's hilarious and a nice person, but it just isn't there. I asked him yesterday if he was still looking or is he closing (things with SA are working out for him). He stated
most likely closing and we've agreed to be each other's support network. I feel much more comfortable now. I know, ideally, to DH and MG that a quad would be easier for them but in reality, we can't force connections and this connection is a friend only one. But our families do plan to hang out and get to know each other. Also, I felt weird, meeting one of their adult son's, I found myself extremely attracted to him (shh I haven't told dh but he'll know now) and thought that'd be bad. Whew!

The day before my surgery, I was bombarded with guys who disappeared texting me. Guess they must have felt some inclination to say hi. But it did seem strange it was the day before surgery. Now they've quietly disappeared again, go figure.

Tomorrow schedules go back to normal. DH should be going over to MG's. Won't really get to do an overnight since I have to meet the boss early to head to an 8 hour tax update class. Not sure if he wants to reschedule to Tuesday since no obligations Wed morning but still not sure. Moving his overnight means an additional cost of daycare for the youngest. But I do need to know so I can schedule my yahoo date with ldr guy. I'm not giving him an identity yet. Outside here he is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _but here, he's gonna just be ldr until i know it's becoming more than a week long virtual fling. Okay, it's beyond a week now but still, with the shitty luck I've had I just don't trust it.

Why are they not local? There is another guy, about an hour away North of me I'd like to meet. I need to tell dh about him but not even sure if I will. That's the hard part for me. DH wants me communicating about what's going on with me. I find it hard to say well I started messaging with so and so, but I don't know where it's going and most of the time, it's all that, just messaging. It takes time to weed out guys to find the ones who are truly interested in a poly married lady. Sadly, most the poly guys in my area, well not my type. Doesn't mean I'll write one off, just haven't connected with one yet.

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