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My goal, which I made progress on today, is to take packed lunches/food to work.
I hate making lunches, I hated making one a day for kid last year and I hate making 2 a day this year. You would think it would be just as easy to make 3. Pah.
I got yoghurt, granola, almond milk and cheese sticks for the fridge at work, protein bars for the car and bananas. So when I slack there is something to eat.
And the goal is to make 3 packed lunches per week for me. Spiderman lunchbox is ready to go and I got more little plastic containers.
I can often go all day without eating anything after breakfast. To be honest, some days I skip food altogether, just being lazy. Not good.
Yes, I feed the kids!!!!
I only have 2 weeks to work on it as I am taking time off over Xmas. 20th is the last day for me for this year. Let the challenge commence
Me: mid 40s female.
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