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Originally Posted by london View Post
If anyone has a problem with any of my opinions of what people should do, kindly follow the helpful passive-aggressive link in my signature.
If I have problems with the way you express your opinions, I prefer to bring them into the light of day rather than playing games.

Fear not, I have absolutely no expectation that you will change or become more helpful in the future. I respect your right to be stubborn and obstinate.

I choose to call you out more for the benefit of others who get sucked in to your games, to help them understand your tendency to express your opinions in a way that disregards the autonomy and experiences of others. Then, hopefully, they can choose to react to your words in a way that does not cause themselves to feel hurt, angry, or upset.

Hey, I get it. I myself used to think that the internet existed solely for the purpose of hearing myself speak, and that people asked questions with the deliberate intention of giving me a platform on which to be a know-it-all. Then I grew out of it. Now I actually try to help people make sense of their situation and get in touch with what's really going on in their lives. I'm not perfect at it, but hey, I'm not a professional. It's harder work and less fun, but far more rewarding. It feels nice when people respond to my words with gratitude and understanding rather than anger and belligerence.
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