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Default review of first poly date

ok, I thought I would review our date last night.

she came over around 7, we talked and left to go to the restaurant. all was good, good convo in the car, everything was comfortable, and not awkward. until later...

we started our meal, and shes actually the one who brought up the situation we currently found ourselves in. she made it quite obvious that shes more comfortable with being with me, and not my husband. mostly for the fact that shes STILL with the "boyfriend" and shes not sure how she feels morally. but she could get there eventually...

the rest of the night was good, we stopped at a local dive bar to play some erotic photo hunt, and then headed back to our place to watch walking dead.

however, we never made it to the tv. (starting to sound good huh?) we get some drinks and head up to the bedroom. (getting soo juicy!) and we proceed to spend almost 4 hours in our bedroom...(and.!?!??)...talking. we all talked. it was a talk fest. just random shit. she left at almost 2am.

so at the end of the night, youd think I would have sat there and been like "that was a great date" but instead, I thought, I don't think its going to work out.

for lack of writing a novel and boring you all with annoying stuff (unless you want me to!), I will spare the events, and actions that made us think we should seek other options, and not to put all our eggs in this one basket(case).
ill try anything once, twice if I like it.