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Thanks for the get well thoughts. Had a scare today. Swelling under the steri-strips had me worried. I waited until dh came home before I called the dr. DH has been helping with this and caring for me and the surgery site that I needed his thoughts before I called. Dr said completely normal only call back if oozing or a fever over 101/102.

I brought up the "business" part of poly with the ldr guy. He agreed to sti tests before I am in his town. I told him condoms are ok but I want to fluid bond with him. It'll be up to him & if he doesn't he will buy them.

When we cam'd on Monday we had been chattin for the prior three days. During our chat ldr told me he had marked out his calendar for the weekend I'm there.

I'm thinking about how we started chattin. He was in my quick matches....and my pain pills are taking over, this will be where I pick up after some sleep...
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