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I spent over a year in the NRE phase with my girlfriend in some ways we are still there but both of us can feel things shifting into something with a more solid foundation. During that time I can admit that I took my husband for granted. I expected him to just be ok. I'd had so much time with him. I felt that we were unshakable and it didn't cross my mind that he was feeling something else entirely.

It took a good deal of work to get things on the right track with him again.

Now he is starting his own relationship with another woman. The NRE is just beginning. I don't know if I'm ready for it. I don't know how he will handle it either. I let it sweep me away, will he? How will what we went through with my first relationship translate into how he conducts his?

It's exciting and scary at the same time. I really hope that your husband hears you. That he can still give you what you need from him. It can make you so much stronger. If it is NRE then it will run its course and if youre lucky you'll be able to feel that same energized feeling with him again.
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