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"Should" is just about the most useless word in the English language. More often than not, it stimulates guilt and shame rather than change and self-improvement.

It's bad enough for someone to tell others what they should or should not do. But to insist upon it as though they are the highest authority on another person's life is arrogant.

To top it off with shoulding from hypotheticals and inferences rather than personal experience actually dealing with the particular problem... well, that's just silly.

I find it incredibly ironic that someone who looks down her nose so much at people who are bossy and controlling would so frequently attempt to control not only the behaviour, but the very thoughts and beliefs of strangers on the internet. I mean, really.

Make your suggestions, fine. But when people say "thanks but no thanks" suck it up like a grown-up and accept that not everyone is going to do what you tell them to, and that this does not make them stupid, ignorant, or stubborn.
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