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Originally Posted by maca View Post
...Im getting into jewelry making . Clit jewelry is all Ive actually made so far but I have drawings for a collar and also a leash that I plan on making for LR.

I was wondering if anyone had any great web sites for jewelry type BDSM items. Most of what I find out there is leather. Im not completely against leather but it has to be very nice. Im a bit more into gold and sterling silver. But if there is a cool site that you like post it up for me so I can at least get some more ideas for items that I can make...
This is a perfect demonstration of how my life is weirdly circular. Maca, we just bought Asha a beautiful leather collar off of Etsy. They have a wonderful variety of just about everything you can make, and I've been thoroughly impressed that I could find so many weird things. I'd say it's worth browsing...

Also, you've made clit jewelry? Do you mean for piercings?

And last of all, Asha is a jewelry maker, though she rarely gets time for it lately. I don't think she's tried her hand at anything large, mostly rings and necklaces. She also makes lovely chain mail jewelry, with which I sometimes help. You want to learn chain mail, I'll be glad to talk to you about it.

ETA: Yay! LR is going to answer some of my questions! Off to the PM!
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