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Update: The "Secondary" says that he discussed relationship boundaries with the Newbie. Apparently, the Newbie basically said "no making out with/sex with" other people, and that's it. I am completely fine with this agreement since, like I said, our relationship was non-sexual anyway.

After that, we all talked to each other on webcam and flirted together, and she said that was a lot of fun.

I'm not exactly sure what the "Secondary" said to her about me and my Primary, considering I heard her call us his "friends," but hey, to some people, non-sexual connections are just friends. I guess I will just start thinking of this as a romantic friendship; labels don't matter to me anyway.

The "Secondary" is still calling me his "wifey" like he always did.

Should I take it I have done my due diligence here and, so long as I don't engage in any sexual behaviors with the "Secondary," not worry too much?
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