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Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
Pot meet kettle idealist you are being quite judgmental yourself right now. If you want to be nit picky about it. Difference is it doesn't bother me. You can't hear my intention not my tone of voice
. God forbid I feel like folks need to have their baggage in order before dragging someone into something that has the potential to be a royal shit storm. We have had how many threads recently about etudes torpedoing their husbands relationships?

Sorry holding hands and singing Kumbya is not my style. I am an INTJ we call it like we see it. Sometimes folks need things laid out bluntly and honestly.
Yes- we know what you think. And yes i am being judgmental of you- but you didn't just join today and I'm not giving you advice about how to run your life. And I'm (in general) pretty compatible with INTJs being an ENFJ myself. I have no problem with people expressing their opinions bluntly and honestly. What I object to are multiple "you need to" "you should" " you have to" statements. That "know-it-all" attitude is not an INTJ trait....that's just something you are doing- for some reason- don't know why.
The key to life is in being fully engaged and peacefully detached simultaneously and authentically in each moment.
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