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Originally Posted by CuriousGreg View Post
I am looking for....comradery and understanding about what its like to explore this new part of myself. Its easy to feel like no one else has gone through this before even when you know its not true, that's why I am here.
Welcome to the forum! I have gotten a lot of support and feedback here and it has really helped me. I suggest you do some reading since there is a wealth of information here- all written by people who are either living a poly lifestyle or trying to understand it.

I think the most supportive forums are all about sharing ideas, experiences, dreams, desires, fears and more.....and there is a smorgasboard of all of that here!

I wanted to welcome you here because I feel like Dagferi is being pretty reactive and inappropriately bossy. I don't even agree with the advice being given and I really think it's better to refrain from such strong opinionated advice- especially when welcoming a person who just made their first post on a site- looking for support.

So- please don't think everyone here is going to tell you what you need to do. I don't even tell my lifelong friends what they need to do.....who even knows what someone else needs to do. That's crazy.

I will share a bit of my experience. After 6 years together, Richard and I had broken up (for the second time) and we had been convinced that there was no hope for us.

I found out about polyamory and resonated with it immediately. I talked to Richard about it and we started seeing each other again as a poly couple. It has worked out very well for us and we have been together as poly for 4 years.

I suggest that you disregard the "advice" being given to you and I might even suggest to Dagferi (who is probably well meaning) to be more supportive rather than jumping right in to a persons first post and assume immediately that you know exactly what this person NEEDS to do. It's not supportive.
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