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Default Western Australia Poly - Media Request

This was forwarded through the Perth-Poly email list. I have no idea how poly-friendly the publication is likely to be, but I've left the links in at the bottom of the message so that anyone interested can look around make their own judgement on that.
-------- Original Message --------

Subject: Re: [Media] Seeking polyamorous person from WA to interview
From: Anna Christensen <>

Hi there,

I am writing a feature for Scoop magazine on people who lead lifestyles that
are outside the general norm. Would you be able to help me find someone from
WA in a polyamorous relationship that I could interview?

Many thanks,

Anna Christensen | Editorial Assistant
Scoop Publishing

t: (08) 9388 8188 f: (08) 9388 8199
Postal Address: Level 1, 29 Station Street, Subiaco WA 6008 | PO Box
8209, Subiaco East 6904
Office Entrance: Opposite Subiaco train station next to Woolworths,
Subiaco Square

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