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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post

My Poly, isn't going to be the same as your Poly. And it doesn't need to be.
But we better be able to talk about it...
Beautifully put my friend!

Although there is another option; staying on the outside and focussing on what is real and healthy for each individual during the moment. I don't necessarily think this requires community involvement especially if it will affect the love you have for someone. Family involvement is another thing for sure. I just see family as a much smaller scale thing with much bigger long term impact.

I personally feel like a community of one in many ways although there is no loneliness in this. I understand it places limits on those that chose this path and I am not saying I am choosing this, but rarely do we get everything we want. Again it is about following your heart for sure.
I’ll be around to talk. I just might not actually talk!

Take care my friend.

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