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Originally Posted by TheRealDeal View Post
Why dont you just explain to him when he is sexing you how he would feel if sometime you both add some sexual variety to the relationship to make it always sparkle? Even if there was a site explaining poly in his language the message would still be you saying you want same. Or go clubbing with him, bring a girlfriend who knows about poly and let herbring up the conversation and see his reaction among other things lol.
I am already in a polyamorous relationship with my Turkish boyfriend and my native husband. I am not interested in adding any more sexual variety, this is quite enough for all of us, what I want is better communication. My boyfriend does not have anyone where he lives that knows about poly, that is a big part of the problem. I have brought the theme to his attention several times - as have my husband, who has made friends with him. I will also have him meet my poly friends when he visits me next month. I already do all I can to explain poly to him.

I just thought if there is something written in Turkish I would like to know about it. He does not read complicated English very well.
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