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Right now I am fighting with myself to give up on my dreams. I find having partially achieved what I always wanted, and then lost it, has hurt me.

My dreams seem to be ever evolving. Originally I was the a-typical unicorn hunter...more closely tied to swinging than to poly. I really just wanted the sex. Had some success and fun. I never thought it COULD be more.

Moving forward we dated a girl, feelings came in the mix and my dream piqued. This was everything I wanted and felt at peace. I could see having kids, living together in a triad and just enjoying life. Even as a V. I was never closed off to any idea as long as my primary relationships were with both my wife and gf.

Now, I am not sure, I suppose that is still my dream but I see it as an impossible dream. Dreaming of something that can't happen, so I am working towards either evolving the dream (being more fluid with my wants) or simply putting it back where dreams belong

Wow LR, that just sounds awesome. Great detail in there. Sounds like you almost need an unused retirement village haha
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