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I don't get tempted, and think it's interesting that people do (not judging, just forget sometimes people experience so many different experiences). My dad cheated on my mom constantly, and my ex husband cheated on me, I'd never wish that on anybody, and I dont think my nether regions could get wet for somebody who was so dysfunctional they were willing to hurt somebody for sex. That said, I'm tempted by, and turned on by, honesty. I let that be more important than anything else, and it always makes non ethical behavior a turn off for me.

I'll also add that my first husband was faithful for 12 years, then cheated on me after we decided to be nonmonogamous. There are lots of likeable people, but does anybody really reconcile the term "likeable cheater?" You can be friends with somebody you cheated with, but their partners probably wont welcome that friendship, and nobody really wins. I find dates among people who are openly poly, either on OKC or others in poly groups, or metamours.

I don't know, out of curiosity why would you really like somebody who is cheating on or hurting another partner enough to have to pose this question to yourself? Especially when there are so many attractive and interesting human beings out there in the world.
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