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I just wrote a long response and lost it. I love all the advice and wisdom in all the responses.

I agree that being positive is a great place to begin. I have always had a hard time with that. I have many fears that cloud over my mind.

My husband and I talked and talked for hours last night and to me it seems luke we didn't get far .

I feel like are parents to our children and that is all. I feel like we have a lot of things we have to work on first. If we are spending all our time focusing on other relationships how can we work in ours?

I have so many questions about being poly , I don't even know where to begin.

Okay I know I am missing a lot of what I had planned on posting. I am feeling so lost. What if this is a way to escape from what we do not have?

Ok ok this is sounding ranty . I am just feeling so so lost
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