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Could you clarify please?

Everyone was aware that we were communicating & building a closer relationship. Then it turned intimate very recently. We both got sucked into NRE & it was blissful. I was thrilled to have a deep connection with someone who really knew me. Respected me.

I made a huge mistake in not communicating to my friend, his wife, how my feelings had changed & I wanted more. She didn't react well because she found out after we had kissed & were moving forward quickly without consulting her. It was a lot for her, with very little warning.
I find the language here vague.

Does this mean... (and I could be guessing wrong):

That she was aware feelings were growing, and was ok with things moving along slowly and her comfort zone was at "sharing kissing now." But then you and he shared sex. Which crossed the comfort zone you had all agreed to? Did you break agreements?

Would she have preferred someone give her her notice first so she had time to prepare herself? Like...

"Hey... it's looking to go lover soon. Just a heads up...making you aware. We need to renegotiate the comfort zone soon."
But nobody actually did?


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