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Pienata, my thoughts (and experience) are a bit different than other people here. Shortly I understood that others mainly advice you that Bambi is - as he is - and that you can't do much about it.

My own experience about poly was different. After being 7 years in really good and happy marriage (totally faithful person) I fell in love with other man. I came to my husband and told him all about it. At the beginning he was not happy about idea at all. He was afraid that he will lose me, family, everything we have.... We started to talk a lot, to investigate... and i wanted to include him in every step... Never did anything with my boyfriend (no sex) before he approved it. With time he started to look totally different on that and even got himself a GF (but he never wanted to have sex with her, even though I was totally ok with it if he wanted)...

So, maybe you can't make Bambi into lion... but if you will be patient and give him time to adjust I see in him a lot of potential that he makes himself into lion... (and not you forcing him).

That happened with my husband...
People often need time for such switch in head...
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