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QUOTE]I suspect its going to be up and down for awhile.[/QUOTE]
For certain! That's how life works, it ebbs and flows.

What I'm beginning to be reminded of is that I'm not afraid of the intimacy and the closeness with many loves. I loved this part of living poly.
Great-that's one step in the right direction for making things workout for both of you. That is-KNOWING what it is you do or do not have issues with is the first step towards reaching an equitable understanding and agreement for you both!

We have come to a loving understanding and peace about the mutual friend incident, but the situation with her ex-husband is still a very sore subject. When I brought it up again last night, I got the door shut on my face. She says that it is not my responsibility to 'judge her' and that she doesn't need to live by my moral code.
Start with advice written below, but remember to let her know that you love her and accept her. This isn't about identifying past "wrongs" but about creating a new way of loving for you two and that you want to work with her to make sure that she never feels like she HAS to lie to get her needs met.

My challenge is that I don't want to judge her 'morality' or question her values but rather to understand how we see these situations in such a very different light. I don't have any interest in dictating strict rules of engagement like our ex, because I don't think that would work for either of us, but I DO want her to know that it would hurt me greatly to find out that while she was on the phone with me telling me that she is still at work and is really busy that she was actually lying naked next to her new lover.
Sit down and write out EXACTLY how you think you would like this idea to be expressed to YOU. Then go to the communication thread and break it down into the format I give an example of there, then practice it in front of a mirror. Then show her the communication layout on that thread, and ask her to practice it with you (not about this topic-pick something fun or funny like "what I like about our sex life is.."). After you two can both go through the steps reasonably, then ask her to pick a "difficult topic" she wants to "break" to you-go through it, and then it's your turn to go through this topic with her.

Open and honest communication (at least to me) feels like the foundation of any relationship, particularly a poly one.
It absolutely is. It's a crying shame that more attention isn't focused on this abillity in our education system. The primary cause for failure in ANY type of relationship, parent/child, siblings, lovers, friends, in-laws, is a breakdown in open, honest communication. Almost ALWAYS at the core of a relationship termination there is miscommunication that had it been corrected would have saved the relationship.

I guess my preference would be to just put this behind us and wipe the slate clean. But when she asks what my emotions are telling me, the emotions almost always leads to this situation / fear. And when I share it, she shuts down and tells me to stop judging her.
She should read the communication thread. As hard as this may be-I have come to believe this advice strongly-invite her to join the board. FORCE yourself to continue posting HONESTLY about your feelings, needs, desires. Send her a link to your thread.

It is OFTEN easier for us to read our partners words and find the true meaning.
It is also OFTEN easier for us to grasp the partners meaning when we also can read people's replies to them.

Maca and I do this A LOT and it helps A LOT in diffusing arguments. Most arguments are at their core a miscommunication. Improving communication skills in either partner will reduce the number and length of arguments (productively-where as avoidance is unproductive) if you can improve BOTH partners skills at communication you can accomplish the impossible together.

Am I not talking about it right?
Quiet possibly but more likely you are not COMMUNICATING what you want to. You may be trying to tell her that you want to have an honest, open relationship with her as a poly couple. But she could be hearing "I know you cheated on your husband with me, so OBVIOUSLY you will cheat on me too."
In fact it's PROBABLE that she is hearing that.

Should I keep this fear to myself
Absolutely not. But it may be helpful to change your wording someone. It sounds like a big issue within your relationship is that you two lack some specific "rules of engagement" in COMMUNICATING. Seriously.
It's pretty easy to have tolerable communication when one talks primarily about easy-going, day to day activities. But when trying to negotiate highly charged, emotional topics without GOOD communication skills in ONE method of communication for BOTH people, defenses come up and negotiations fall apart.
Please go read the communications thread-it's in golden nuggets I believe. Great advice in there.

THEN-when you express your fear, start with some of what you said here, that you don't want to make a list of rules, that you don't want to judge her or control her, that you simply want to clarify the boundaries of the relationship for EACH of you.
Let her know that your goal isn't to take way her rights, but to clarify what they are as well as what your own are so that each of you is protected from the other person controlling you AND each of you has an idea of what to expect as you move forward.
It may also be good to let her know that you understand that some details that are agreed upon now may change later because of course you will both be growing, maturing and learning as you go along.
PRACTICE the communication layout I describe in the communication thread (page 3 or so?). It works VERY well at helping ensure TRUE comprehension in conversation and it also helps slow down the process enough to allow for greater depth and connection in conversation as well.
Be SURE to use I statements. As in, "I have a desire to ensure that our relationship is positive for both of us. I would prefer to know the truth no matter how potentially painful in our relationship. I commit to not flying off the handle if it is painful, because having honesty and trust between us is primary for me. I commit also to always telling you the truth, even if it's potentially painful and I would ask that you also commit to not fly off the handle....."


You make me feel insecure when...
(I feel insecure about my importance in this relationship when....)

IF you were telling me xyz but were actually in bed with joebloe that would make me angry/hurt...
(I believe I would feel hurt if I found that you were lying to me. So I want to create a situation where you can trust me to react appropriate no matter what the truth is so that you can feel comfortable always being upfront and honest with me)

As important as honesty is-being upfront is equally so. It is possible to be TECHNICALLY honest (I was the queen of this) while still NOT being upfront. This ends in disaster. You both need to be able to be UPFRONT about your feelings, needs, desires, relationships with others AND honest with one another.
This is actually a little harder to learn to do, but well worth the effort. In my experience it took about 6 months of me REALLY CONSCIOUSLY forcing myself to do this before Maca felt safe and comfortable enough to start doing it as well. It can be a struggle to do this when the other person is unable, but again-it's STILL well worth the effort.

give our next try the benefit of the doubt?
ABSOLUTELY! You must "take a leap of faith" to make ANY relationship work in life! In point of fact it's necessary to take a leap of faith to make MOST things work in life.
Also-having a negative attitude or a positive attitude greatly impacts the liklihood of having a negative experience or having a positive experience.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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