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My disability is cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy usually comes at birth or soon after. It is some kind head trauma. It manifests itself in many ways, but the movement and voice are somewhat recognizable. In the dating realm has been (actually) the least place Iíve had a problem with prejudice. Itís not that people arenít turned off or prejudice, itís that they usually just move on. There has been a lot to cope with in other realms:

There is the time (more that one) that someone calls for a job interview. I call them back. The minute they hear my voice, they pretend there is no interview. There was the time when I asked some pre-teens not to use curse words around my three-year old in the park. Their reaction? To circle me with their bikes calling Ďretard,í ďretard.Ē There is the time that some dudes with a listserv found a blog post about me writing about the work retard. They did an entire thing on their list-serv about me. Put up a picture of me, and ripped into me. THEN, they emailed me both at work and home to make sure I looked at it. That was actually cyber-bullying, but the police couldnít do anything.

This has been a great week, despite the fact of the date gone wrong. I havenít missed N too much and I am wondering if healing is beginning to take place.

I am still trying to figure out what I want. I like being sexualized, but there are limits to that.
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