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Breakups are seriously the worst. Especially when there is no reason inside the actual relationship to cause it.

I'm going on a first date tonight, too. Seriously awful timing, but I don't want to cancel because it's so hard to actually find time to meet people. Oddly enough, it's not even the guy I've been trying hard to meet! It's someone else who has been friendly off and on for months, and we started talking a lot the last week or so. His wife has actually been on a few dates with B, which has the potential for some awkwardness, but I don't really see it mattering at all.

I have no idea where my personal life is going anymore. I'm not sure if I even want to think about it. I'm feeling like I need to give up on the idea of finding a serious relationship and enjoy moments as they come with no expectations of a future. Whenever I do that, I end up hurt.
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