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Originally Posted by london View Post
I'm in his camp of relationships shouldn't be hard work. I wouldn't take kindly to someone pressuring me to change my view. If I thought polyamorous relationships were going to be harder work for me than monogamous ones then i would be monogamous. Your partner obviously feels that further opening of his relationship would be harder work for him and is therefore apprehensive about it. I support his apprehension entirely if he feels that a polyamorous relationship would be too much hard work to adjust to and be happy.
Responded to this but there's an update.

I would like to stress I don't want to pressurize Bambi in any way. He's not necessarily opposed to poly, as the first time he had no problems with it at all... It just failed because we had different ideas about it. I just want to see if we can work that out now that things are less emotional.

As you can read below here, we had a nice talk sharing feelings and thoughts, not really suggesting anything yet, just sharing. He knows how I feel, I know how he feels... Currently we're just thinking about a way to compromise that neither of us feels unhappy with.
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